Donnie the Donut Cloud has had enough of the people of Tiny Town waging war against each other with their words. It's time to take to the sky and make everyone's day, with donuts!

Use Donnie's donut pooping power to calm the fights in Tiny Town so that Donnie can finally get some rest!

Created for the Mini Jam 56: Sky game jam. Themes: Sky, Doughtnuts, and Warfare

This was my first game jam, so I spent a fairly long time figuring out something I thought would be fun and humorous to fit the themes. I eventually went with a floating cloud (sky) who could rain down donuts upon people who were fighting or upset (which is my interpretation of warfare). I hope folks enjoy it! It was a lot of fun to make :)


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This is a nice Game.

I really liked the face donnie makes right after he has pooped out a dounut.

Haha thanks! I had a lot of fun making that animation :)

This was fun! The smile of the cloud made me really uncomfortable and I like it XD

Haha thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, besides the near-creepy smile :)

I love the concept, that lil cloud is so adorable! Would love another mechanic to spice up gameplay.

Thanks so much for your feedback! :) I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate you playing!